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Nimipet Beta Launch!

This beta version includes the following:

- Browser-mining food for Nimipet;
- Nimipet’s value in NIMs;
- Game logic and mechanics implementation;
- UI/UX improvements, simple animations, sounds;
- Leaderboard;

Browser-mining is implemented in cooperation with Sushipool. Thanks to Brantje for his efforts. It was a challenge, but finally, we have made it.

It seems that Nimipet is the first game in existence which uses third-party pool mining for its game engine. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of technology.

Food browser-mining feature is still in the early beta and needs users for further testing. Individual nimipet’s values in NIMs are updated every 3 hours when pool makes a payout.

At the current stage, the game is fully functional even though it is still in the early beta and has the minimum amount of functionalities.

The purpose of the current beta is to test the Nimipet thoroughly. It is much better to break the game in beta, than in live version. So let’s try to cheat and hack it. Some security measures are already in place.

The core ideas of the game may still need some additional balancing, and maybe you will find some bugs. Your feedback is much welcome.

Nimipet allows anyone to compete in the game realistically. The hashing power is not the major factor in determining the nimipet’s position on the leaderboard. Read more about this in our previous blog post.

It is unclear if NIM balances can be preserved during the beta stage, as the off-chain ledger and an in-game economy are still under development. Because this is still an early beta, do not invest more time/hashing than you are willing to lose.

After the initial beta stage, Nimipet will switch to the 1.0 version. The balances/statistics will be reset, and the game will start anew. After this, there will be no more resets, unless collectively decided by the community.

Enjoy the beta and let us know how you like it!

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