Reprograma tu mente

Una de las maneras más frecuentes para descubrir si el subconsciente está interfiriendo de manera negativa en tu presente es reconocer con frecuencia tus emociones más frecuentes a lo largo del día…


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Our Choice

We have our own way to live our life. Maybe some of us in their 20s already happily married, starting business/career, still in school, still trying to figure out what they really want or even who they really are.It is okay,we have our own choices.If you are happy with your choice, just go with it. Don’t spend your life trying to fulfill what others want. I encourage you to follow what your heart really wants because you are the one who will live it.

I have been on the place where I stay on the comfort zone, people around me try to intervene my decision. And whats? It did not do me good. From my experience itself, I try to learn and encourage people around me to go with what her/his heart seeks for. It is okay to regret our choice, at least you already experienced it what you really wants. Even you can learn from it. Like really there is no wrong to go with your choice.

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