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Today I am in the frays of the herd.. “It only takes one…” is published by Mia Dibra.


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The 2 Harsh Truths I Wish New Writers Would Accept

I don’t know if I’ll ever overcome these mental struggles.

I have an extreme weakness.

It sucks my willpower, then feeds this energy to my fears.

If you’re like me, onlookers will think you are lazy.

Why? Because how else can you explain choosing excuses most times? It’s their brain’s way of rationalizing this behavior.

And they have a point.

I wish we would accept that the best achievements in life are hellish to get. I’ll even acknowledge the success of fraudsters here. It takes a lot of mental effort and training to hone such confidence and tenacity to have people hand over money.

Though, I don’t have a mentor yet.

I have music. I am into the high-energy pop variety that has me grooving to the beat. Alright, I sing along too.

Yes, you have to be careful with this habit too.

You can lose time searching for the perfect song on your playlist. You can lose time replaying a track via YouTube.

The best in-between?

A radio station. No chance to pick the song. No option to replay a song either. The end is productivity most times.

I have seen writing goals set at 10,000 words per day.

And 10,000 words set for a month. I wish as beginners; our brains would accept that there is a struggle in all things.

But an even harder thing to accept is that you can try. And still fail.

Yes, it can happen.

Yes, it has happened.

When the mind seeks and confirms excuses, it is easy to be impressionable.

I am now aware of that.

Humans look at others with the aim of comparison. But sometimes, we look hoping to be okay with our reality.

Be careful of the realities you welcome or fight off because of what someone else has achieved.

Look at your life.

#1. What will make a difference in your lifestyle right now? Great! You have an answer.

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