How do we decide who we are?

Its something about who we are. There are endless elements that make up our identities, and out of these it’s often a complex mix between those that are put onto us by others, and those that we…


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Arjuna was whistling on his favorite song, “The Gummy Bear.”
Oh, I’m a gummy bear.
Yes, I’m a gummy bear.
Oh, I’m a yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear.
I’m a jelly bear.
Cause I’m a gummy bear.
Oh, I’m a-Movin’ Groovin’ Jammin’ singing gummy bear.
Oh yeah.

In the kitchen at a café in Paris. Washing utensils in a swallow hole. The kitchen sink was already full. Putting one more into it would land the jittery sink breaking free when somebody knocked him over the head — saying, “Just focus, stop whistling.” You have already topped the weekly breaking record of them. Arjuna didn’t require the need to twist. As he recognized it was the Cafe Owner. Before he opened it, he worked as a door-to-door salesman. Knocking on the door was a trait he could not release, especially for bald people, giving out the door’s color.

On that day, he had repeatedly struck Arjuna’s bald head. His temper grew, but he envisioned his favorite, “The Gummy Bear Song” Then, suddenly, another stroke came upon his head, and he turned back to strike. But he was left startled at sight putting a break to his fist on the crest of the nose. Then turned on his knees greeted “Shri Krishna”. Krishnaji laughed; I thought I was going to depart with a cherry nose. Krishnaji raised Arjuna and embraced him. Arjuna filled in, “This is a spot in the universe where the fashion statements invent. Then the world breaks it at ease and follows.”

In the course of the conversation, Arjuna forgot to turn off the tap. An imbalance plate on the rim dropped and broke. The owner of the café exploded on the other side, “Thanks, Arjuna, in your black book this week, I could complete ten hangmen. I was waiting for the neck rope shot.” Arjuna went with a rounded fist, “eeeeeeeewwww”.

Arjuna is retaining his temper, said,” My service would round off in an hour. We’re meeting at the coffee shop across the road. Krishnaji shook his head and snapped his fingers to vanish. The cook comes out laughing and says, “He’s playing the hangman at your expense.”
Arjuna, frowning, said:
“On every blow on the head. I’ll start inserting toothpicks onto this soft board. At least get rid of the hangman’s neck rope. My neck is already feeling choked.”

Arjuna checks the clock. He put his apron on the hanger & crossed the street to go to the cafe. Where his dear friend expected him Watching him sitting on a table, he dived towards that. Krishnaji smiled, said I couldn’t wait for you. Arjuna asked, what brings you to this planet. Krishnaji replied, “The avant-garde of Earth.” It was getting people into the suitable bunk in Hell and Heaven.

As many godly men have sought to sully our names In our name, they suckle the blood of the people. The more malicious he is, the more followers he has. The god-men are the vampires of the present universe.
From our point of view, they were in black and white. But the game became bigger through the social media coming into battle. They took Godmen’s tricks. Otherwise, it makes no sense for an entire race to follow you. They are still indecisive. As in that also nothing is straightforward. They show they are following someone, end up sneaking into somebody else’s profile.

Good old times, you know. They had fixed and transparent salaries.
Today, they will conceal work-related factors. I listened in on a conversation of a beautician. Who wanted to play under the table with one of the clients? She sounded to offer services at home without informing the Salon.
Arjuna just fueled up saying, “That’s no good.”
Krishnaji smiled and continued, But I realized she had a point. They set monthly targets for everybody at Salon. If they fail to complete it, the wage is reduced accordingly — modern makeover to bonded labor.
Arjuna went on to say: Checkmate to the Salon’s owners. Third berth in Hell, offering pedicure services to everybody.

Krishnaji carried on, “The countries that outlawed Bitcoin. They considered for a berth in Heaven. The inventors reserved in Hell on the third berth. With all meals to be served only of steel coins.”
Arjuna filled up, “The world is cracking down on a fatal Corona illness. At least I recall people getting hooked on Corona beer. But what could have disrupted this on Earth. ” Krishnaji smiled, “Perhaps the ratio of Good to Bad. Must have outnumbered, to draw it equal. That’s why this play is animated. ” Krishnaji altered his conversation where he was a scholar. Asked you had picked up theatre for a spell. Why did you leave that? At the theatre, I star cast as the Cheshire cat. He’s a well-known character from “Alice in Wonderland.” It wasn’t very respectful. That’s because they said: “I’m bald; it’s easy to glue the ears and draw the hair of the cat.”

Arjuna asked further, Friend have you completed your survey of the Earth? Krishnaji nodded as he smiled. Stated, “I have wrapped up everything on Earth. Wanted to meet you before going forth. ” Arjuna asked, What have you deduced from the entire Earth? Krishnaji smiles and says I have analyzed more than you can agree.

For instance, In Australia, those who continue to disseminate false news. On barbaric animals and an unsafe place to live. They already on a leash. But they hold some weird laws Arjuna will share the most bizarre. In the absence of a urinal close by, you can urinate on the left rear tire of your vehicle. But while checking out that law, why they haven’t considered the female race. How will she cope? On average, women strike more at urinary spots than men. I wish they’d been more sentimental. That carrying a portable children’s pot is part of the rule for the women.
Arjuna is picking up the strings. Struck off, the authors of this bill go to Lower Berth in Hell. Served constantly with ice water Mixed with red peppers at a rate of 50:50, Which ensures a burning feeling when peeing and pooping.

Krishnaji nodded and laughed.

Krishnaji said, clearing his throat: “Canada helped us a bit in 2017. By enabling people to challenge somebody to a duel. That made it easier to correspond them to hell or heaven.”
Arjuna asked, What is with the short snowman? Do they feel offended by big things? Are they short structured folks?

Krishnaji smiled.

Arjuna bore: Do not have a house of more than two colors. Do they experience color blindness? Krishnaji laughed it off.

Krishnaji eventually spoke, “They have a law where parrots cannot be chatty.” Arjuna filled with saying weird. Krishnaji continued, “Until now, when we are unable to set a volume function on Humans. ” Where debated, the proposal on pulling the left & the right ear lobe to turn up or down the volume lost the bulk. On the ground, the humans inflict punishment by pulling on the ears, especially of children. They’re loud enough already.
When being chatty is a broad term to be sliced on, they should set a barometer. Measure in one second the number of words to be spoken, performed on their species, on the possible pass rate that they would have never been able to accomplish as humans are non-stop chatty on complaining.
Arjuna scored by saying, “The Canadian Law Makers in the In Hell category on the third berth. With an extra punch lesson to learn to speak with Deaf & Mute signs.”

Krishnaji radiantly gave a high five to Arjuna.

Krishnaji went on to say: In Finland, playing music in a taxi is not allowed. They are blocking the senses, which we have given them to enjoy.
Arjuna promptly replaced him. In Hell 2nd bunk for the Finland Law Makers. No sense of hearing, but responsible for making music for the other detainees in Hell.
Krishnaji blinked, laughing.

Krishnaji continued, “In France, they have a problem with infant names. For no reason, however, French officials retain the power to dismiss a name if they decide that it goes against the child’s best interests. How can they determine what is in the best interests of the child? Having remotely no connection with the child or their family.”
Arjuna smirked, saying, “The French Law Makers in Hell first berth. In the role of full-time nurse to naughty children.”
Krishnaji laughed, saying, you are as foxy as ever.

Krishnaji gets back to his topic. “Driving dirty cars in Russia can lead to fines. OK, if a citizen sparkles before driving. And how can you judge the minds of birds. When they go into a game of poops on a target. ” Arjuna declared,” Russian legislators will be appointed the third berth in Hell. Assigning cleaning tasks to all animal droppings.”

Krishnaji continued: “In Spain, From 3:29 pm to 6:47 pm, people cannot wonder what time it is. It is completely unfair as without knowing the time, they will turn useless. Time is a navigator for these people. It’s how humans perform their role as robots.”
Arjuna said,” Right, I value time as I’m eagerly awaiting for my shift to get over. I keep asking my buddies a million times on time till I began to play dodge. To my buddies’ fury with flying utensils. I’m glad time goes by so fast.”
Krishnaji laughed loud at Arjuna.

Arjuna rapidly takes over. Admonish, Spain Legislators to a lonely black cloud in solitary confinement. Where all day long, they will continue to ask only one thing, What time is it?

Krishnaji winked and carried on. Men dressed in a skirt are open for arrest publicly in Italy. To crown it all, The law in Italy allows for pinching a girl’s bottom, which stands incredibly illogical. We are proceeding at lightning speed, which has left the gods too in a web of thought, where men like to stare at women in skirts and pinch their bottom; why women should not have the privilege of seeing men swinging in a dress & pinching their bottoms.
Arjuna nodded and said, “I couldn’t agree more. I was dating someone. She insisted I put her dress in the bedroom. But afterwards, we split on the reason she wanted my legs waxed.”

Krishnaji exploded in laughter. But Krishnaji seeing the grim face of Arjuna.
Stated,” The Law Makers of Italy to be booked in Hell to third berth. Men to wear skirts & women to be constantly blowing whistles & pinching the butt.”Arjuna smiled and gave Krishnaji a high five.

Krishnaji got back to his lead, “In Denmark if a person gets a lost child. They can claim the youngster as their own if a parent fails to report within two hours. That is absurd. On Earth, no navigator fully works. To reach your destination also Google’s shorter route doesn’t mention. The road is still to construct; carry your road digging tools as you make your way.”
Arjuna sounded concerned said, “Ridiculous”. Continued “Danish lawmakers set aside for the third berth in Hell. With a rebirth in foster homes.”

Arjuna speeded before Krishnaji steps in. He said,” In Paris, Any man carrying onions must have the right of way in the streets where the fish stinks better? As the World progresses, it has become difficult to use common sense.”
Krishnaji smiled and went on: In Turkey, in reality, forbidden to be in love with a neighbor’s son, daughter, wife, servant or animals. It’s a brainless act. Your neighbors are the houses located in 4 directions: Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern. At the point of difficulty, if the closest one is not authorized to come, Then what good is it?
Arjuna said, “Right, if somebody sees a thief in the neighbor’s house. They’ve already built hate. They end up saying let them ransack those assholes.”
The Turkey Law Makers seat in Hell on the first post. Each one in solitary confinement to realize the importance of love and proximity.

Krishnaji smiles and says: “Except I who can understand Love & Proximity. Who has worn out the Guinness Book of World Record. For the number of wives that nobody manages to balance. ” Krishnaji smiles and blushes, watching Arjuna.

Krishnaji went on to say: “In Germany, it is not illegal to break out of prison.”
Arjuna said, “The Germany Law Makers & Prisoners, both of them in Hell. Second bunk inmates and third bunk for legislators. Prisoners are crazy about running where the prisoners confined to a floor out of the escalator. The Law Makers to be attached to the moving targets strip. For Heaven residents, fun on Bow and Arrow. ”Krishnaji grins and says to Arjuna:”Foxy Loxy.”

Krishnaji hoisted, saying, “In Belgium, girls must have the written permission of their fathers. Wear a miniskirt that is more than four inches above the knee. I don’t think any father would have permitted it. There’s no need to have a father-daughter battlefield.”
Arjuna rhymed: “The Belgium Law Makers in Hell on the second couch. With companionship on the same bed of wife as an invisible ghost.”
Krishnaji and Arjuna chuckled out loud, saying, “Serves them right.”

Krishnaji smiled & went on saying. In Spain, Driving while wearing flip-flops or sandals is a criminal offense.
In Luxembourg, All cars must have windshield wipers.
In Malta, It is illegal to run violently.
In Lithuania, It is against the law to check your phone while crossing the street.
In Estonia, Pedestrians must wear safety reflectors at all time.
In Cyprus, It is illegal to drink or eat while driving.
Suppose they make regulations like that. How will people get to our kingdom? All Law Makers from these countries booked to Hell for the 3rd bunk. With mirrors for walls, we are leaving them confused.
Arjuna smiles and twitches.

Krishnaji is keeping the serious pursued, “In Switzerland, it is illegal to flush the toilet after 10 pm, residing in an apartment. They go on stinking trips to the restroom on top of each other. Without flushing.”
Without flushing, it is as if without breathing.
Arjuna added obnoxiously. He ended by saying: Without any hesitation, “Booked in Hell on the third berth in the category of toilets. With the responsibility to clean the washrooms.”

Krishnaji smiled and held on in Britain. It’s against the law to be drunk in a pub. Suppose a person does not get drunk in a pub then where on the streets? You are right in the meticulous World; one thing is tough to find common sense. Arjuna cheerfully said,” The Brits Law Makers in the first berth of Hell. To puzzle out as waiters in pubs of Heaven. With their mouths sewn with magic glue. Where taste and sight remain in suspense. ”

Krishnaji winking added, “In United States. No hunting on Sundays unless you’re killing raccoons. Until someone with the aim is as good as Robin Hood, there appears to be a half-hearted debate on this legislation. Or they have raccoons that are larger than their population. ” Arjuna quoted, “Right, you seem to have a point. The American Law Makers are in the first bunk of Hell. By sharing their berths with raccoons.”

Krishnaji smiled and marvelled at Arjuna. My list doesn’t stop — the World filled with bizarre laws. I should take leave as coming to Earth was not easy either. Lord Shivji opposed it, But I smiled and made my Doppel-ganger. I have left him in flute playing style where Lord Shivji has no shortage of me. Krishnaji smiled and snapped away.

Arjuna kneels, holding hands with eyes closed.
Suddenly, he felt the heaviness of his head by opening his eyes and touching them.
He started weeping & wailed,
“Nooooo, You can’t do this, mate. Leaving me with hair, ruining my hairstyle”.

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